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This property was acquired some time ago as an undeveloped lot located in the urban core of OKC. We had to sit on it for a while until the area increased in value until we could justify our plans for the property. There was a tremendous amount of infrastructure that isn’t typically associated with a residential building.  The alley to the East of the property allowed us to split the lot and still allow the two homes to have their own driveways with 2 car garages. When lots are densified they are built in a way where homes are built side by side facing the main street. This forces the home to be narrow and long forcing the interior of the home to not feel as “homie”. With the alley, we were able to build one of the homes with a side load garage allowing typical home layout. Paving the alleyway did increase the building cost but we think it paid off and allowed us to build a better product.   

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